An alien prince.  A pregnant slave. 

Deb is ripped away from her comfortable life on Earth and sold as a slave to a vicious alien. Six months later, all she has to live for is the child now growing inside her. Her child's safety is worth any price, even submitting to the disturbingly attractive alien who has just purchased her.

Rastrath hides a sharp mind behind a careless facade. He may be a Prince of the Royal House, but he has always been despised for his mixed blood, even by his own mother. A female who values her child more than herself is an unexpected prize - one that comes wrapped in a luscious package.

When an unexpected danger forces them into a marriage of convenience, the stakes are raised. Can Deb trust Rastrath's feelings for her are more than a desire to protect his investment? Can Rastrath follow his duty and build a family of his own at the same time?

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